Judy began her career studying social group work completing a Masters at Columbia University in NYC in 1968. As a community organiser on the Lower East Side, she set up a community controlled health centre and later became its director of social services. She then developed the Womens’ Medical Centre to provide safe terminations of pregnancy at a time when this procedure was not possible in many countries. She was Director of Social Work at St Luke’s Hospital Alcoholism Treatment Program. In conjunction with her management responsibility she continued her clinical practice to keep in touch with the needs of clients.

Upon arrival in the UK in 1979 she was the first female director of Alcohol Recovery Project where she doubled the number of shopfronts and hostels and established the first women’s alcohol service in the UK.


Judy completed her training in Gestalt psychotherapy in 1990 and established a private practice in Islington.  She also then became the practice counsellor for St Paul’s Road Medical Centre (now Islington Central Medical Centre) where over 20 years she perfected her expertise in brief/short term therapy and published her research findings on “Introducing humanistic group counselling for somatisation in a primary care setting” . She continues her professional relationships with the local GPs and her interest in psychosomatic disorders.  


She has contributed several articles for the British Gestalt Journal, Therapy Today and a chapter in Humanistic Approaches to Psychotherapy.


Judy offers individual, group and couples therapy, executive coaching, supervision and workshops on ageing/midlife crises, assertiveness, empowerment of women, and finding your voice.  She has special interest in addictions,, eating disorders, body work and cultural displacement. She is currently studying Native American Medicine Wheel teachings.





She is a mother and grandmother which she believes informs her professional work immensely.


You can reach her on 07950510174 or 0207 3542240

email: [email protected] or at her website: www.judygraham.co.uk


She takes pride in helping you THRIVE not just SURVIVE


For more on Gestalt therapy see…www.aagt.org (origins and development)